Edmund Barnett
Edmund is basically everyone's nightmare- the politician who believes in what he's been fed and told to say. He supports the government, and doesn't realize his life has been orchestrated from the moment he began working in politics. Edmund is a gifted orator, but this was a learned skill; he's actually shy and has a nervous stutter in private life.
Jamie Byrne
Jamie abuses alcohol almost as often as he abuses cigarettes -- frankly, it's amazing he's still alive at all at this point. An ex-Black Suit, he's living a pathetic life as a Wallclinger now, barely making enough to support his vices, let alone feed himself properly. But don't let him fool you into thinking he's harmless, or else it'll be the last mistake you make. TW for alcoholism and sexual content.
Jemma Byrne
Jemma suffers from breathing issues, including severe asthma. She always carries an inhaler, and her breathing issues can be triggered by pollution and dust.
Phillipa Creed
The bar she works at is on the edge of Southwark bordering Bromley, and gets a mix of Working and Lower Classes mostly, but also Upper Class citizens slumming it and a bunch of Black Suits. It's called "The Crown", for all that there isn't even a monarchy any longer.
Black Market
Kishen Dasa
Kishen is a bad guy. He is not someone who will be redeemed in game, and in fact will likely just become even worse than he already is. He has a deep distrust and dislike of most upper class, white folks and believes that inciting violence and theft are his best chances in life. Kishen is looking out for Kishen.
Kieran Flynn
Kieran is a shady fellow who tends to appear in places seemingly at whim, traveling from place to place and leaving just as abruptly. He doesn't cause much trouble besides being "that mysterious bloke" and sometimes helps people out.
Black Suit
Lawrence Grayson
Lawrence can kill people in inventive ways and won't hesitate to do so. Please take care when making him mad or challenging him. TW for alcoholism.
Gabriel Ryan
Gabe is considered the best inventor in the city. He has built most of the tech available to the WG and the upper class.
Marie de Saint-Just
Well she's probably going to die. So maybe keep that in mind when you want plots with her.
Ruby Young
Ruby is the sister to The Computer Whiz, and is a young cheerful girl despite her dead parents and the whole, y'know, crapsack world thing. She is an empath, which leads her to try really hard to make the world a happy sunshine place.
Viviana Young
In addition to being the elder sister of the Pollyanna, Viv is strongly technopathic thanks to experimentation, mostly focused on her perception of the Internet/computer networks and her ability to interface with them; this can be read about further in her abilities section.
Raider Scout
Bree West
A Raider scout and spy biding her time in the City under orders, Bree's a jill-of-all-trades so far as citydwellers are concerned; she hires herself out for all sorts of work, though she's best known for being Very Brave (or stupid) enough to regularly brave unsafe and dead zones, as well as the Wastes. She's also known for making it back alive each time she goes, which is why people put up with her. She most frequently serves as a guide or guard for outings into various unsafe areas, though she's sometimes hired to seek out certain items, too.
Wasteland Guide
Cedar Abrax
Cedar is the apocalyptic version of a wilderness guide. She has the resources and know-how to guide others safely from the city to the outside, and even to and from the wastes. For a price.
Peter Blake
He is totally not Marc de Saint-Just guys, really.
Militia Leader
Evan Roberts
Eve is the informal leader of a wallclinger militia. She organized the nameless group to take up arms against attacking raiders, knowing that the World Government will only interfere if inhabitants on their own side of the wall are in danger. She does her best to keep the group as tightly knit and quiet as she can in order to avoid unnecessary attention from the World Government. When she isn't training and meeting with the militia, she runs a goods stand in Croydon.